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Headteacher's Welcome


I am Ndipen Kelly Pride Forkeng, the Head Mistress of Ngumys Fantastic International School.  Welcome to our website. Please take your time to look around, learn out our school, its founder, ifs foundations, mission and vision its philosophies our infrastructure and our awesome staff.

We are one of a few strictly English (or Anglo-Saxon) based elementary school in the quiet university town of Dschang, Cameroon, W Africa.  We have been been awards various awards on facility, safety and the quality of students we graduate every year.



Ndipen Kelly Pride Forkeng, Principal

Meet Our Teachers

nkemasong berlin.jpg
Nkemasong Berline

Pre-Nursery (Pre-K)

mirabel sheri.jpg
Mirabel Sheri

Class 1 (Grade 1)

ajuamendem prudencia.jpg
Ajuamendem Prudencia

Nursery I (Kindergarten I)

ndifor loveline ngufuet.jpg
Ndifor Loveline Ngufuet

Class 2 (Grade 2)

ngimanju gilda .jpg
Ngimanju Gilda 

Nursery II (Kindergarten II)

nsombo valery.jpg
Nsombo Valery

Class 3 (Grade 3)

mirabel sheri.jpg
Ndifor Loveline Ngufuet
tumba jessica b.jpg
Ndifor Loveline Ngufuet

Class 4  (Grade 4)

sofa collins kinjo.jpg
Sofa Collins Kingo

Class 5 (Grade 5)

ndemboh agnes.jpg
Ndemboh Agnes

Class 6 (Grade 6)

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