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Mourning the recent passing of our founder

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Mourning the recent passing of an icon, the founding father of Ngumy's Fantastic International School

We mourn the recent passing of Professor Ajaga Nji, the founder of Ngumy's Fantastic International School. the late Professor Ajaga Nji founded Ngumy's as an institution to provide a safe, consistent and modern educational environment for pupils in the Western Province of Cameroon. Our founding father and mentor has gone to rest with the Lord but his legacy remains.

“Ngumy's continues the pursuit of fact, truth and reason. It provides a channel to empower youths by providing a solid educational foundation in a safe, predictable and consistent manner. ”

The late Professor Ajaga Nji leaves a legacy behind with the founding and establishment of the Ngumy's Fantastic Internal school. A passionate and well established scholar, he was able to realize his dream of establishing an educational institution that provides a solid education foundation which he also established as a critical path towards the alleviation of poverty in third world countries. In his research on and thesis on Why the Poor remain Poor, providing a solid education foundation is key to poverty alleviation which is key tenant and founding principles of Ngumy's Fantastic International School.

We the staff at Ngumy's and the children of the late Professor Ajaga pledge to continue this legacy by ensuring the school continues to provide the safe and quality education it is now renowned.

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